Twelve Highlights from Collision in New Orleans


*Editor’s Note: This post was co-written by Adriana Lopez, Forbes Contributing Writer, and Summer Suleiman, Editor of The Distillery. It was originally published on New Orleans Entrepreneur Week is a festival celebrating entrepreneurship and innovation in New Orleans. 

We are rounding out our coverage of Collision this week on The Distillery. If you’ve been following along, you know that we took a slight twist on covering the conference by ditching our media badges and going in “undercover”.

By day three of Collision, we were feeling run down, but the entrepreneurs were still ready to hustle, even after our attempts to coyly move through the crowds of startups. Just as we were growing weary on our mission, we were impressed to find that there was no lack of diversity and talent at the Convention Center. Here are some of our startup picks from the third and final day of Collision and some fun facts from the week in case you missed it.

1. Registered attendees for Collision totaled 11,382 people from 106 countries.

2. Tweets from @CollisionHQ earned more than half a million impressions, as of last week.

3. There were 332 speakers and moderators on one of the 14 different tracks.

4. Attendees fueled up on 52,000 cups of coffee and 76,500 cups of water.

5. 332 speakers and moderators took to the stages and led roundtables.

6. 630 startups exhibited in total: 540 ALPHA, 40 BETA and 50 START.

7. Trello, TenantCloud, and were the startups that investors most wanted to see.

8. A total of 407 investors from the world’s leading funds came to scope out the startup talent.

9. 60 leading funds took part in Office Hours, where investors met with promising startups. Altogether, there were 700 investor/startup meetings during Collision.

10. 400 mentor hour sessions happened where experienced entrepreneurs and investors offered candid advice to startups.

11. On the #CollisionConf app, the most favorited startup was Trello. Chris Sacca was the most favorited attendee.

12. The average length an attendee spent in one session was 8 minutes and 43 seconds.


These are the startups we talked to on the final day of Collision.



Benjamin Nowak, Founder


Based in Atlanta, Georgia

What we liked:

Veteran serial entrepreneur Benjamin Nowak wants to make everyone a filmmaker. His app, Cinamaker, is a tool that allows video creators to make multicamera productions seamlessly on their smartphones. The best part is that it’s simple enough for amateur filmmakers to use, but has enough functionality for more sophisticated productions. Using the app with a few smartphones and tripods, it cuts production costs from tens of thousands of dollars down to only a few hundred.



 Jorge Gonzalez Gomez, Credit Risk Analyst



What we liked:

Fintech in Mexico is still very new, but that hasn’t stopped entrepreneurs from entering the market. Finve is Mexico’s second crowdlending platform, helping small to medium sized businesses seek anywhere between 50 thousand and 4 million pesos (that’s about $2,300 to $210,000 for the gringos). Since their February launch, Finve has awarded 12 loans to local entrepreneurs. Their mission is to make microloans less taboo and help entrepreneurs finance their growing business, while eventually entering the U.S. market.



Arjen Noorbergen, Founder


Amsterdam, Netherlands

What we liked:

Triggi is an online service that links your website, devices and apps to help you stay connected. What typically needs to be developed by several different platforms, can now be done efficiently with one online tool, helping to increase consistency and efficiency.



Omar Mansour


Cairo, Egypt

What we liked:

Aprcot optimizes marketing campaigns on Facebook and Google with a simple online form that makes ad buying more efficient for advertising firms and entrepreneurs. By filling out a simple form online, firms can significantly cut down the costs of ad buying. The startup has already honed in on the market in the region, and is now looking to expand into the Middle East and U.S. markets very soon.

Pass It Down


Chris Cummings, CEO


Chattanooga, Tennessee

What we liked:

Pass It Down is a story telling platform that allows you to communicate with individuals to capture stories using video, audio, photos and texts. While it’s meant to preserve memories between family members and friends, we like to imagine how this platform could be scaled and used in business for meetings and interviews.


We met different startups from all over the world at Collision and had a blast uncovering what’s new on the tech scene. It was a convening of the top tech minds and a great opportunity to connect with them. We are looking forward to seeing what’s in store next year. But first, we’re still recovering from an epic week of Collision and Jazz Fest. What’s next?

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